Diversity Equity Inclusion - Defined

What DEI Means for your organization


Statements of Diversity

Diversity in Action: PEOPLE

We are ensuring from a 360-degree view, that our company contains diverse candidates, employees, leaders, and partners so we are fully representing the markets we serve. Diversity is important to our organization, not just in skin color, socioeconomic status, sexual identity.

Diversity in Action: POWER

We are committed to ensuring that each individual that holds a leadership position is ready-and-willing to hire, communicate and uplift individuals from different backgrounds. 

Diversity in Action: PROCESS

We are vetting the current measures in place to ensure every candidate and partner receives equitable treatment in our hiring and partnership process. 


Statements of Equity

Equity in Action: PEOPLE

We are committed to ensuring every candidate, employee, partner, and vendor feels they have the ability to share their voice, unique experiences, and the individual importance they bring to our team and our company.

Equity in Action: POWER

We are strategically putting in place measures to ensure that all individuals that are a part of our organization feel they have three, important and soul-affirming opportunities: The opportunity to be heard, the opportunity to advance, and the opportunity to bring others with them on their leadership journey. 

Equity in Action: PROCESS

We have programs in place for those from marginalized or under-served communities, allowing them to step-up to become empowered leaders who can change the world. 


Statements of Inclusion

Inclusion in Action: PEOPLE

As we gather for lunch, events, and meetings, we ensure there are enough chairs and enough time for everyone to feel heard and included. 

Inclusion in Action: POWER

As a community first, and a company second, we recognize our own privilege and mindfully look for individuals on our teams,  partnerships and the public we serve that may not feel a part of our message.   


Inclusion in Action: PROCESS

We have regular training opportunities for our leadership to address key findings on diversity, equity and inclusion and action plans of how we will address important opportunities and gaps. 

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